Display Energy Certificates

What are Display Energy Certificates?

Display Energy Certificates (DECs) show the energy performance of a public building based on actual energy consumption. An Advisory Report, which is valid for 7 years, accompanies the first certificate, which should be publicly displayed. The aim is that each year will show a gradual reduction in energy use as the measures suggested in the Advisory Report are implemented.

Why must I have a Display Energy Certificate?

All public buildings over 1000m2, and run by a public authority and used by large numbers of the public require and annual certificate, which must be prominently displayed.As of January 2013 the same applies to buildings over 500m2, however, these are valid for 10 years.

Many companies are also seeing the benefit of a DEC,they show you how well your building is performing over a year, and if repeated in following years its easy to see if improvements are being made in fuel savings, and in energy efficiency. Its a proven way of increasing energy efficiency and reducing costs.

Why use Energy Saving Experts?

We are fully accredited to issue Display Energy Certificates and the accompanying Advisory Report, and aim to do so promptly and efficiently through our fast-track service. We offer fixed fees for 3 years on renewals and its a very cost effective way of understanding how to reduce your energy bills and improve energy efficiency. Get in touch and speak to one of our friendly and knowledgeable assessors.