Residential Sustainability & Planning

What is required?

Many Local Authorities now have in place or are in the process of formulating Core Strategies or a Local Development Framework (LDF) for development of housing in their area. Each Core Strategy or LDF will be different depending on the LA, but one thing they will all have in common is a list of requirements that each developer will have to submit with each Planning application. In many cases as part of the Planning application, a Sustainability Statement is required, and this in turn may need to be supported with energy calculations in the form of a SAP calculation, which can also be used to demonstrate compliance with Part L of the Building Regulations.

Why use Energy Saving Experts?

We have had a number of successful applications go through, some where Planning Permission has been previously refused, due to the Sustainability Statement and energy calculations we have submitted. We provide an indicative SAP assessment for each type of dwelling in the development, and ensure that each of the main points in the Core Strategy or LDF is addressed. We can also use our knowledge as Code for Sustainable Homes assessors to bring various aspects of the Code into the Sustainability Statement, even for existing buildings where change of use is required.

We work with you to develop an energy strategy for the dwellings which is realistic and achievable for you, and that will meet the requirements of a Core Strategy or LDF. See below for some recent projects where we have helped secure Planning permission with our Sustainability Statements and Energy Calculations.

Renovation and new build – Bristol




New Apartments – Bristol


New Build House – Bristol


Conversion to flats – Bristol


House conversion to flats – Bristol

House conversions to flats – Bristol

House to one of Multiple occupation – London